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Created 22 May 2017

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Welcome to our new Commendations scheme, with the aim of recognising staff and volunteers' achievements and to thank them for what they do.

If you have observed a member of staff, a team or a volunteer at our Trust making an outstanding contribution to patient care or service, they can be nominated in our Commendations!

Anyone - patients, the public or colleagues - can nominate an individual or a team. Simply write down the name of the person or team and explain why they deserve to win (the citation).

Entries will be accepted online, including thank you cards (see below), plaudits and letters of praise.

There are three categories:

  1. individual
  2. volunteer
  3. team

Commendations will be presented on a monthly basis. Every nominated individual or team will get a congratulatory letter signed by the Chief Executive with the citation included.

This is a chance for patients, carers, the public and colleagues to nominate the people they feel have made outstanding contributions at our hospitals.

Anyone can make a nomination of an individual or a team and nominations are always open.

For staff entering a physical "thank you letter" on behalf of a patient

If you or your team have received a physical thank you card, plaudit or letter of praise, they too can be entered for a Commendation, as long as they meet the criteria. All you have to do is type in some details.

1. First, go to the online entry form.

2. Answer the questions as best can be, using the correspondence from the patient.

3. When you get to the following two questions, answer as follows:

It's recommended that when you send your letter of thanks back to the recipient you mention the fact that you have entered the staff member/team into the Commendations.

(If it is not a suitable entry, send it to the Clinical Audit Department in Villa 2, Colchester General Hospital, to be counted as a plaudit.)