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Results | June 2017!

We celebrate the outstanding contribution made by our staff through our Commendations scheme.

Recent winners of a commendation and some runners-up were presented with their certificates on 13 July by Barbara Buckley, Managing Director.

Nominations are made by patients, the public and staff and they are asked to sum up in 150 words why the person or team nominated deserve to be recognised. We look for those who have gone above and beyond in living our values of caring, communicating and consistency.

Winners receive a framed certificate and a thank you letter from the Chief Executive.

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Winner and Runners-up

Pictured from left: staff representing Mary Barron Suite and the Porters, Managing Director Barbara Buckley, Richard Gant and Adam Jones

Winner in the Individual category

"SinglePoint at St Helena Hospice had a patient in crisis, she was actively dying and in severe pain, and she had run out of medications required for her syringe driver and also for stat dose injections in the community. The family had tried every chemist in both Colchester and Ipswich but due to the sheer volume of medications required on one prescription none had all of the drugs needed. By the time they had contacted SinglePoint it was out of hours so there were few options available. SinglePoint staff contacted the hospice consultant who contacted the OOH pharmacist - Richard Gant. He not only opened pharmacy, but he also collected the prescription from the family at the hospice, and he offered then to bring the medications back to St Helena for the family so they could sit comfortably and wait for the medications. He also spent some 15 minutes or so talking and advising the family on the medications. Above and beyond any expectations and a star service provided."

Runner-up in the Individual category

"A patient's partner arrived at A&E with their dog, the dog had been tied up outside the front of the main entrance and was getting very distressed and was barking continuously. Many people became disturbed that it had been left and highlighted this to various members of staff. Adam Jones finished his shift at 5pm that day and he took it upon his self to sit and comfort the dog. He also gave the dog some water to drink. When myself and another colleague saw him sitting with the poor little dog it was now 9.15pm 3 hours after his shift had finished. Eventually the owner came out to check on the dog and she agreed for Adam to take the dog home with him as he lived across the road from DGH and the owner agreed to pick her dog up after her Partner had been seen in A&E. What Adam did was beyond his call of duty what he did for the owner and her dog he fully demonstrated what our best is all about. And he should be recognised for it."


Pictured from left: Managing Director Barbara Buckley with ward sister Paula Shean

Winner in the Team category

"The whole team who cared for my Mum in the 6 week period before she passed away were kind, caring and did their very best to make sure my Mum had the dignity and respect in her last days. They were very welcoming and never once told the family there were to many of us with her (she had 8 children and lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren). Regardless of the pressures they were under caring for others, they always had time for us if we had any concerns or worries."

Joint Runner-up in the Team category

"My 95 year old mother was brought in by ambulance. The portering staff in A and E were so kind and respectful to her and to myself. For example they chatted to my mum appropriately to her age and confused state, and when she couldn't manage to drink her tea one female staff member went to get her a straw and beaker without my asking. When my sister and I were looking lost in the hospital on 3 separate occasions different porters approached me asking if we needed directions."

Joint Runner-up in the Team category

"Professions can be taught but personalities can't and the staff here are always cheerfully brimming with smiles and professionalism, helping pass the time and lifting the mood. No matter how long or with whom your experience is with, the staff here are so friendly and welcoming, even when I've had to spend a whole day on the ward, staff provided welcome distractions as we laughed over pets, families and current affairs to subtly distract our minds from the awful times we must endure. Reassuringly, they clearly take pride in both their work, noticeably putting significant effort into ensuring the day unit is kept clear, clean and hygienic for all, especially when patients come and go between chairs. I could not hold these girls and Louie in higher regard and have the utmost reverence for the legends they are and the outdating asset to the NHS they continue to be!"


Winner in the Volunteer category

"Jai has been our admin volunteer for roughly six months. She has made an amazing difference and helped us so much with the general admin of the office. She is always smiling and happy, often staying late to help and really going above and beyond what is expected of her. Jai even brings us chocolate when she feels we need it! Her excellent attitude and hard work - all for free - has made a massive difference to the team. Thank you so much, Jai!"

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