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Results | September 2017!

We celebrate the outstanding contribution made by our staff through our Commendations scheme.

Recent winners of a commendation and those who were highly commended were presented with their certificates on 2 October by Barbara Buckley, Managing Director.

Winners and Highly Commended

Some of the winners and highly commended pictured from left: Paulette Rose, Jane Murphy representing Elmstead Day Unit, Jenny Collins representing Maternity Unit, Lorraine Moroney, Carol Clarke, Barbara Buckley, public governor Robin Rennie and Jo Trott representing Children's Elective Care

There were 99 entries between 7 June and 8 September, and 96% of nominees were based at Colchester General Hospital. The most common reason (35%) why people made a nomination was because they saw it promoted on our Facebook page, although we do have 23 ways of encouraging people to enter online! More teams than last time were nominated. More patients and members of the public (71%) put forward entries than staff.

Nominations are made by patients, the public and staff and they are asked to sum up in 150 words why the person or team nominated deserve to be recognised. We look for those who have gone above and beyond in living our values of caring, communicating and consistency.

Winners received a framed certificate and a thank you letter from the Managing Director.

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Debbie Baxter

Debbie Baxter, Ward Clerk Emergency Assessment Unit
Joint Winner in the Individual category

"A lady with learning disabilities came in to the Medical Day Unit with paramedics. She was extremely anxious and Debbie was the first person that the lady met on the unit. Debbie reported that she could see she was anxious and so spoke to her to reassure her. The lady was suffering extreme anxiety and was selectively mute. Debbie was able to interpret some of the ladies mannerisms until we could get the resources that were needed. This lady then requested Debbie's support at various stages of her investigations and treatment whilst in MDU. With Debbie's support we were able to get a cannula in to enable bloods to be taken and medication to be given. Debbie was calm and reassuring and even supported the lady to x-ray. With Debbie's reassurance we were able to get all the tests that were needed, treat and discharge within the space of a few hours. Debbie went above and beyond her role and stayed past her contracted hours to help."

Lorraine Moroney, Sonographer
Joint Winner in the Individual category

"Lorraine was the first professional within my 9 years of dealings with the gynaecology department to make me feel like I mattered and recognised the difficulties I had experienced. She showed a level of compassion and care that I was not used to, nor had I experienced before and subsequently made me feel at ease, allowed me to feel comfortable enough to ask questions and put me at the forefront of her care. It was plain to see that she truly cared about her role and wanted to make the appointment beneficial to me. She turned screens round so I could see the images, talked me through the brief things I could see and what she was looking for and gave reassurance during the scan rather than the "clinical silence" that is so often the case during many scans, tests and appointments. I cannot convey strongly enough how much of a difference Lorraine made to me during my appointment and the relief I felt that someone finally "understood" the ups and the downs. To Lorraine I say a huge thank you for what she did for me during that appointment and I hope that the Trust recognises a valuable member of staff within its wide team."

Deborah Gooch, Upper GI Specialist Nurse
Highly Commended in the Individual category

"Debbie has been an integral member of the upper GI team for many years. The upper GI team work well both on the wards and out of hospital. It is due to this trusting and empowering relationship that I have managed to get a ENT registrar training number in the deanery. She has provided excellent care and support to both patients and staff (when in need). She has been the middle grade between the junior doctors and consultants and is always willing to help out on ward rounds, in theatres, at the weekends. When I was a core surgical trainee, she gave me the knowledge and gentle supervision to allow me to develop my surgical, clinical and leadership skills. She supported me though the failure of my surgical MRCS part A and then the successful completion of MRCS A and DOHNS B. She is thoroughly loved by all her patients and colleagues. I couldn't think of a better person for this award."

Maternity Unit
Winner in the Team category

"My husband and I recently had to make the very difficult decision to end our pregnancy. We were cared for beforehand, during and afterwards by the exceptional staff at maternity and we would like this to be recognised. We were very impressed with the support that we received in making this difficult decision. The midwives were very kind - they were patient and never rushed us, we were absolutely assured that they would be available if we needed them, and true to their word they were always at the end of the phone if we had any queries at all about the decision to be made or the procedure itself. On the actual day we could not have asked for better, kinder, more professional care. In particular I wanted to highlight three things they did:

1. They looked after me and my husband as a family recognising that this was difficult for both of us and that my husband needed as much support as I did.

2. They give us space, privacy and time to think - we thought that we were mentally prepared but I will freely admit that we weren't, it was far more upsetting than either of us had expected and we never felt hurried, anxious that we were in the way or taking too much time.

3. Their ability to listen to what we were saying and respond to it - it sounds small but it much appreciated.

We would particularly like to recognise and say thank you to Sue Armstrong, Fiona and Denise who were present on the day and looked after us so well (including my 18 month old daughter when she came to visit!) and the community midwives, both Sarah and Gemma."

Elmstead Day Unit
Highly Commended in the Team category

"I hate being ill and hospitals, and I have an anxiety which makes me think things are going to result in death. The thought of colonoscopy and gastroscopy procedures had me worked up and nervous from the outset. I cried with fear from the moment I got in the car to come into the Elmstead centre on the 24th June, throughout the check-in process, and even when changed and lying on the bed. The nurses in the unit were absolutely lovely! They listened to my fears and questions and presented the procedure risks in a calm, matter-of-fact yet empathising manner and, most importantly, was the time taken to go through this with me - and I understand that hospitals are very busy places. The waiting time whilst I was in virtually non-existent. Whilst undergoing the procedures themselves the Endoscopist and two nurses present (Mr Ali Shakir, Kris Dungca and Angela Milanese) were also extremely caring in their approach and, again, happy, friendly and efficient. It made such a difference to have the staff talk to me about what was going on whilst the procedures were taking place. Through the constant monitoring, I was allowed up and out of bed. During what was a very anxious time for myself, I would consider the care I received to be first class and for that I am extremely grateful."

Children's Elective Care
Highly Commended in the Team category

"Our two-year old son has to have monthly blood transfusions. He's has had almost 30 so far and the staff are so kind to all of us when we're there, not just Henry. They accommodate his naps by switching the lights off (when it's not busy!), letting us come in a little later so he gets to sleep in the car a little longer before he goes in and make a real fuss of him when we're there. It runs like clockwork and the staff work hard to make sure we spend as little time waiting around as possible, it's usually only 30 minutes between getting to the ward and Henry being hooked up to his blood following being cannulated. Both the clinical care and pastoral care is excellent and we always feel like we're in safe hands, if ever we have a question that the nursing staff can't answer, they will go and find a doctor and go out of their way to make sure we feel listened to. We can also feel confident that we are always given the latest information regarding Henry's blood results and subsequent plans for transfusion dates as Jo makes sure she calls us beforehand and always makes sure we leave having booked the next date in the diary. Not only do they look after Henry exceptionally well, they are always there for us and celebrate the good blood results and commiserate the bad and take a genuine interest in how we are doing as a family and make us feel comfortable. We hate that he has a chronic condition with a very uncertain future but the staff honestly make it a joy to come to the hospital and make it that little bit easier on all of us. Thank you."

Paulette Rose, Volunteer, Medical Records Team, Clacton Hospital

Joint Winner in the Volunteer category

"Paulette has worked with us in records for nearly 10 years. We have now transferred from ACE to CHUFT and she has made the move with us. She has devoted every Wednesday Full time to come in and repair notes which has not only been a benefit to us here at Clacton Hospital, But also Wards/secretaries/Medical records/Harwich and OPD. she has never refused to attempt anything thrown at her and will come in another day if her Wednesday is taken up. Now she has become a CHUFT volunteer she loses petrol/lunch voucher and will be out of pocket* but she is so dedicated that she has still moved with us. She has found the transition hard, and has done a lot of chasing to ensure she remains with us. She deserves a commendation for length of service, the quality of service she has provided and her commitment to us. We say Thank you and show thanks but sometimes people deserve a little bit more. She is an Outstanding person to have in our team, we view her as one of us and we would like her to see that we appreciate everything she does for us to help provide a better service."

* We are now in the process of registering Paulette with our Volunteers' Co-ordinator so she will be eligible to claim expenses as our other volunteers can.

Carol Clarke, Volunteer, Nutrition and Dietetics Dept

Joint Winner in the Volunteer category

"Carol has been volunteering for our department for over 11 years, helping to pull clinics, filing patient notes and getting notes ready to be archived. Her time is hugely beneficial to our department as we don't have anyone else to file our patient notes and our secretaries and admin have a high caseload so her help greatly supports all of us. This all helps to keep the department running as smoothly as possible enabling both clinical and non-clinical staff within the department to find patient notes quickly and provide a better patient service. She has been coming to help without fail and always has a smile at the ready and the fact she has given up so much of her time over the last 11 years I feel needs to be recognised."

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