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Help us create a Gift of Life mosaic!

Updated 12 July 2016

Anne's Design

Anne at work in her studio on The Gift of Life (the River of Life)

Patients, visitors and staff at Colchester General Hospital can this week (12-15 July) watch an artist creating a giant mosaic to celebrate organ donation.

The artist-in-residence will be Colchester-based Anne Schwegmann-Fielding, who will work outside in a courtyard near the hospital's main entrance from 9.30am to 5.30pm for four consecutive days, starting today (12 July).

Anne has been commissioned by the Organ Donation Committee of Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust to create a wall mosaic based on the Essex coastline to acknowledge the life-saving and transforming kindness of people and their families in donating their organs for the benefit of others.

The mosaic, which is called The Gift of Life (The River of Life) and is expected to be approximately 20ft long, is being created out of materials that have been donated by the public, which include unwanted crockery, such as souvenir plates and ornaments depicting the Essex coast; old buttons; costume jewellery; coins and beach glass.

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20 April 2016

Help us create a Gift of Life mosaic for Colchester General Hospital!

We have launched an appeal for people to donate items that can be used in its creation.

Anne Schwegmann-Fielding

We've commissioned Colchester-based sculptor and mosaic artist, Anne Schwegmann-Fielding (pictured) to create a mosaic called "The Gift of Life". And we are keen that people become involved by donating material.

We want unwanted crockery that Anne can cut up and use as mosaic pieces in the design.

She can also use materials like old buttons, costume jewellery, coins and beach glass in the work, including items with a local interest, such as souvenirs from local seaside resorts.

She prefers donated items to be whole and not smashed and is particularly, but not exclusively, wanting blue material See picture below.

There are eight collection points for donated items which will be open to 13 May at:

It is anticipated that the finished artwork will be installed in the late summer or early autumn.

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