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Annual Plans

Monitor, the health sector regulator, requires all NHS Foundation Trusts to develop an Annual Plan by the end of May each year.

Our plans are set out in detail in Monitor's version of our pdf logo Operational Plan 2014/16. "A Focus on Quality"

Our governors have helped to shape our plan which was approved by the Trust's Board of Directors.

In the document we share the developments our Trust is implementing to expand and improve services in, and tell you how to find out more information.

Previous years

pdf logo Annual Plan 2013/14

pdf logo Annual Plan 2012/2013

pdf logo Annual Plan 2011/12

pdf logo Annual Plan 2010/11

Six-page leaflet, called Making your hospital experience better 2010. (We sent this to all our public members in September 2010.)

In September 2009, we published this web page for the first time and a six-page leaflet Making your hospital experience better 2009 which we sent to all our members at home.