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Hearing and Balance Services (Audiology)

Audiology is the study of hearing, hearing disorders, and habilitation/rehabilitation for individuals who have hearing loss. It encompasses the study of how the hearing mechanism works; the assessment of hearing; hearing and listening disorders; and the rehabilitation of individuals who have hearing loss.

The hearing and balance team consists of eight audiologists, two hearing therapists, two technicians, two receptionists and two secretaries.

We provide Hearing and Balance Services at Essex County Hospital and run clinics at the community hospitals in Clacton, Halstead and Harwich.

Contact us

Send a text or a fax if that is the easiest way for you to contact us.

Phone: 01206 744532, weekdays, 8am-12.30pm and 1pm-5pm
Fax: 01206 744603
Text: 07801 672153

Hearing Aid repair line, 01206 744534, weekdays, 10am-12noon and 2pm-4pm

The Trust also has email addresses for inpatient and outpatient appointments

In 2010 our hearing and balance team carried out almost 22,000 procedures, including more than 8,000 hearing aid repairs.

Other investments in 2010 included:

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