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Breast Screening Unit

The Chelmsford & Colchester Breast Screening service operates out of two static units, one at Essex County Hospital, Colchester, and Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford. The service is run by our Trust and Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

As well as the static units, in July 2012 we invested £814,000 in three new digital mobile screening units to replace two older units, dating back to 2001. The units travel to nine different sites throughout the county, to enable women to be screened as near as possible to where they live.

The service provides high quality mammography (breast x-ray) for an eligible population of about 104,000 women across north and mid Essex as part of the NHS Breast Screening Programme. It provides free screening every three years for all women in the UK aged 50-70. Women are invited to attend for screening every three years.

Screening is carried out by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals, including radiologists (doctors who specialise in radiological procedures and x-ray reading), radiographers, assistants and office personnel. Mobile units are staffed by members of the radiographic team in rotation.

When the time comes for you to be called for screening, you will receive a specific appointment telling you when and where to attend. Symptomatic mammography is performed at Essex County by the same radiographic team on different days of the week.

To find out more about this patient service you can contact PALS.

These pages are written by Monica Dale, Breast Screening Manager.