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Compliments and feedback

Commendations | Do you know someone who deserves special recognition?

We have a Commendations scheme to recognise staff and volunteers' achievements and thank them for what they do. Enter online now!

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Compliment? Feedback? Please tell us!

We are always grateful when people write or email us to compliment our staff, one of our services, or a visit to one of our hospitals.

Click to email a compliment*.

Or email some general feedback.

* Emails praising staff, the Trust or our services are forwarded to the chief executive and relevant directors, managers and matrons. They are also included in the compilation of plaudits we receive. Copies are sent, where possible, to any named staff in the email. And we encourage people to send a copy to the local newspaper. The Colchester Daily Gazette can be emailed here:

Or visit our PALS team webpage.

Review us on NHS Choices

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Your views can help people make important decisions about where they choose to receive treatment. On the NHS Choices website you can give compliments or feedback on our hospitals:

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You can review our hospitals on Facebook:

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Share your experience with
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What is being said about our hospitals

The content on this page automatically comes from the Patient Opinion website.

Check out our other What's being said about us page too.

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It's easy to criticise...
but not everyone does

Many people send cards and tributes about the care they and their relatives have received. We receive thousands every year from our hospitals. Some are very poignant - others make you smile. Some go into great details - others simply say 'thank you'.

Whatever they say, we know they're from the heart.

We have created a display of just a few of the many emails* received via the Trust's website. If you get a chance, have a look at it. It's on the ground floor corridor of the main building at Colchester General Hospital. There are also some on the same corridor as Senses restaurant.

If you don't get an opportunity, you can read them here:

We've made our website easier to view from a smartphone or tablet. Read more about it in our News release where you can leave feedback.