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Updated 7 December 2016

LATEST | 7 December 2016

Special Measures Quality Improvement Programme 2016-17 Update

Read the latest Special Measures Quality Improvement Programme 2016-17 Update (pictured), published 7 December 2016, by clicking the image.

Sir Mike Richards

England's Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Professor Sir Mike Richards, has published a report on the quality of care provided at Colchester General Hospital.

CQC carried out an inspection at the hospital in April to look specifically at areas of concern from the previous inspection and to review any improvements. It focussed on a selection of inpatient wards and the emergency department and the inspection team also interviewed the senior management team.

The areas looked at were highlighted as being of concern during CQC's inspection in September 2015. An extension of special measures status was issued as a result of that inspection and this gave the trust a deadline of March 2016, by which it was expected to demonstrate sustainable improvements.

Inspectors carried out this inspection to check on whether significant improvements had been made.

Download and read the full CQC press release.

david and nick

Chief Executive Nick Hulme (pictured on the right) issued a "heartfelt apology" following publication, while Trust Chair David White (pictured on the left), who, like Mr Hulme, joined the Trust in May, said: "This report for me is a watershed...". You can read that statement here.

Looking for the report?

Download the full CQC report of the hospital inspection in April.

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20 June 2016

On 17 May Nick Hulme was appointed as Chief Executive of our Trust and David White was appointed Chairman (see below).

A diagnostic phase commenced to best determine the urgent priorities to be addressed. A plan for improvement is expected to be developed which will supersede the current Quality Improvement programme and drive forward quality of care.

Over the last four weeks, Nick Hulme has spent as much time as possible meeting Trust staff, visiting wards and speaking to patients.

Along with regular meetings with the CQC and NHS Improvement, this is helping shape the key priority areas that we need to deliver against in order to uphold the promises of safety, quality and timeliness that we make to every one of our patients every day.

The Trust must ensure that we deliver these promises in a consistent and sustainable way and provide strong evidence and assurance of the improvements to our patients and our regulators.

17 May 2016

The Chairman and Chief Executive of our Trust today announced they were leaving the organisation.

Alan Rose and Frank Sims said they were standing down to help accelerate a long-term partnership between the Trust and The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

The Colchester and Ipswich trusts have been working collaboratively since the beginning of the year and on 28 April NHS Improvement and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) jointly recommended ( read more here) they set up a long-term partnership as the only way of securing services for patients long into the future.

Alan and Frank will be replaced with immediate effect by David White and Nick Hulme who are the Chair and Chief Executive respectively of The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust and who will also continue in those roles.

Performance Dashboard

Latest Improvement Plan Performance Dashboard, pictured, can be found every week on our Improvements page.

Background | April 2016

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) made an unannounced inspection on 4th and 5th April 2016 to look specifically at the safety and caring elements of the Surgery, Medical care and End of Life care services, which were some of the key areas of concern from the September 2015 inspection. An inspection of the Emergency Department was also included, due to an increased number of complaints from the public, and concerns about the Trust's performance.

Initial findings were shared with the Chief Executive, Medical Director, Director of Nursing and the Improvement Director from the Trust on 4th and 5th April. Two "Section 31" notices were issued. One of the Section 31 notices was issued to the Emergency Department (ED) to ensure that patients attending ED are streamed to appropriate patient pathways. In addition there will be a sufficient number and suitably qualified skilled and experienced nurses to support the streaming of patients into these pathways.

The second Section 31 notice was issued to the Surgical Theatre department to ensure the Trust operates effective audit and monitoring system that provides accurate assurance that the safer surgery checklist is being consistently carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation Safer Surgery Checklist (2016). The Trust continues to provide weekly evidence and updates to CQC on compliance (see our Improvements page, updated every week.

On 13 April the Chairman, the executives, the non-executive directors and the divisional directors were interviewed to gain an understanding of the progress made at Board level to date. While senior staff had been able to describe improvements made in response to CQC's previous inspection, it was deemed by the CQC that the Trust had not taken a sufficiently proactive approach to addressing wider issues in the Trust.

The CQC concluded that the Trust could not continue in special measures or in its current form. A long-term partnership between our Trust and The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust was recommended jointly by the CQC Chief Inspector of Hospitals and the Chief Executive of NHS Improvement as the only way of securing services for patients long into the future.

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