e-Referral (Choose and Book)

Follow this link if you are a healthcare professional wanting to find out more about our e-Referral system.

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'Choose and Book' became the NHS e-Referral system on the 16th of June 2015

e-Referral is an electronic booking system designed to improve the experience for patients needing a hospital attendance.

The system acts as a link between the GP computer system and the Hospital computer system to -

It should be noted:

Although the patient can choose any Hospital Trust within the country that is listing appointments on the e-Referral system, a patient should expect to be able to be seen locally within a reasonable time (13 weeks) for a first appointment in the majority of general medical conditions.

A patient must be willing and able to attend at the Hospital with reasonable (3 weeks) notice of an Out-Patient appointment/Day Case or In-Patient attendance in an 18 week period from referral (please note that the period of reasonable notice is reduced for Urgent or suspected cancer referrals).

If a patient refuses 2 reasonable offers of an appointment, they will be discharged back to the care of their GP.

A patient does not choose a Hospital, but a Trust, so as an example a patient should be prepared to attend with Colchester Hospitals Trust equally at its sites in -