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Facts & Figures

Statistics for 2016/17:

Outpatient attendances* 428,221

Accident & Emergency patients 87,313

Inpatient and day case admissions† 95,728

Babies born 3,628

* Outpatient attendances include first, follow-up appointments and procedures carried out on an outpatient basis

† Inpatient and day case admissions include day cases, electives, non-electives and regular day attenders (RDAs)

You can read more facts and figures in our latest Annual Report and Quality Report.

Clinical Innovation and excellence

Innovation in our portfolio of clinical services progressed during 2016/17. Among the many developments, the following are of note:

Physician associates

a new type of healthcare professional called “physician associates” (PAs) started at Colchester General Hospital.

More clinic rooms

Five extra clinic rooms were opened in the Children’s Unit Outpatient Department at Colchester General Hospital following a £120,000 investment.

"Singing for Lung Health" classes

Free "Singing for Lung Health" classes were established at Colchester General Hospital for people who suffer from breathlessness. There’s increasing evidence to show that singing regularly as part of a group is good for general health and wellbeing, and research suggests group singing also benefits people living with a long-term condition such as COPD or asthma.

New Cellular Pathology Department

More than 40 staff relocated from the Severalls Hospital site to a new Cellular Pathology Department at Colchester General Hospital.

a state-of-the-art Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, provided by cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow, went into service to deliver treatment to patients closer to where they live.

Free Baby Boxes for all

Families of all babies delivered by the Maternity Department became the first in East Anglia to be offered “Baby Boxes”. It is thought the small size of the Baby Box prevents babies from rolling onto their tummies, which experts think can contribute to sudden infant death syndrome. The programme encourages early engagement with maternity services and access to care for all pregnant women.

Urology cancer “Survivorship afternoons”

“Survivorship afternoons”, devised by urology cancer nurses, were introduced at Colchester General Hospital to help people who have recently completed treatment for bladder or prostate cancer to return to everyday life. Sponsored by the North East Essex Urology Cancer Support Group, they include talks by a dietitian, a physiotherapist and a representative of Macmillan Cancer Support.

New post of “Bereavement Midwife”

A midwife, who is also a trained counsellor, was appointed to the new post of “Bereavement Midwife” to support families who lose a baby at any point between 13 weeks of pregnancy and birth.

Chemotherapy Nurse Consultant appointed

The Trust became only the fifth NHS organisation to appoint a “Chemotherapy Nurse Consultant” to support the delivery of the highest standards of care for chemotherapy patients.

Information service for palliative care patients

A “one-stop shop” information service for palliative care patients, their families and other carers was established at Colchester General Hospital. Experts, including a palliative care nurse, a counsellor and a Macmillan Support and Information Manager, are available at the hour-long weekly drop-in sessions to help patients and families with any worries or concerns they may have.

New test to help prevent bowel cancer

the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme, which the Trust manages in east Suffolk, north east Essex and mid Essex, started to roll out a new test to help prevent bowel cancer called bowel scope screening.