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How to apply for healthcare records access

Any requests for healthcare records should be made in writing using this Application for Access to Health Records form.

In order for us to maintain confidentiality it is essential that we are satisfied that you are the applicant or a person acting on behalf of the applicant.

Patients have a right to their personal health information being kept confidential and the Trust must be satisfied that every applicant is either the named patient or else someone entitled to access of that patient's records. To confirm this and to enable access, the Trust will always ask for information additional to that requested on the application form when the application is not being made by the patient. Therefore, we may need to make further enquiries and have proof of identity.

Or you can contact our Access to Health Records Administrator, direct on 01206 742127 (during office hours) to request the Application for Access to Health Records form.

The completed form and a photocopy of your birth certificate, driving licence, passport or something similar should be sent to:

Access to healthcare records administrator
Healthcare Records Centre
Colchester General Hospital
Turner Road

What happens next?

The Access to Healthcare Records Officer will deal with your request directly and will contact you if clarification is required.

They should comply within 21 days but no later than forty days after payment for the request has been made, (should there be a charge). In exceptional circumstances if it is not possible to comply within the forty-day period the applicant will be informed.

Do I have to pay?

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you may be charged to view your healthcare records or to be provided with a copy of them.

To provide copies of patient healthcare records the costs are:-

To allow patients to view their healthcare records (where no copy is required) the maximum costs are:

Note: if a person wishes to view their healthcare records and then wants to be provided with copies this would still come under the one access request. The £10 maximum fee for viewing would be included within the £50 maximum fee for copies of healthcare records, held in part on computer and in part manually.