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Governor Types

Updated 19 September 2016

Our NHS Foundation Trust comprises of a membership, a Council of Governors and a Board of Directors.

The membership is a mixture of the public and of staff and the Council of Governors has a Chair, and a mixture of public, staff and stakeholder governors:

Public governors

There are 15 elected public governors

Staff governors

There are 6 elected staff governors

Stakeholder governors

There are 5 stakeholder governors (nominated not elected)

You can contact a governor and see who the governors are, here.


More information and material about governors on the election pages - drop down menu on the left.

About Governors

Governors are a conduit and meet with people in their local community or staff group, to help report back on what happens at Council of Governors meetings, and to listen to ideas and opinions from members of the public and staff.


Powers and responsibilities

Governors are not just part of a large 'talking shop'. They are given the power to appoint the Chair and Non-Executive Directors and they approve the appointment of the Chief Executive. They also appoint the Trust's Auditors and make recommendations for the revision of the Trust's Constitution.

Meanwhile, the Board of Directors has a Chair (the same person as the Council Chair) and non-executive and executive directors and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the NHS Foundation Trust, including very important issues such as providing quality services, compliance with guidance and the assurance of good governance and public accountability.

The public and staff governors are elected by the members and are responsible for ensuring dialogue with the membership. They communicate this to the Board of Directors through the Council of Governors which influences and signs off strategies whilst monitoring performance and holding to account the Board of Directors.

More information and material about governors on the election pages - drop down menu on the left.

Code of Conduct for all Governors

Governors abide by a Code of Conduct, dated January 2014.

Staff Governors' Statement of Principles

Here are the Staff Governor Statement of Principles, dated August 2009.