Contraception and Sexual
Health Services (CASH)

Updated 29 January 2015

The Contraception and Sexual Health Service based at Essex County Hospital moved on 15 December 2014 to the town centre. The service, known as CASH, offers both sexual health and contraception services. The phone numbers have changed too. See below.

Contraception Services

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All contraceptive clinics offer emergency hormonal contraception, pregnancy testing, termination referral, hormonal methods of contraception including combined and progestogen-only pills, injectables, contraceptive rings and patches, contraceptive injections, female and male condoms and sexual health.

We fit and remove all types of intrauterine and implant devices at Essex County Hospital, Clacton, Greenstead and Halstead clinics and we regularly see patients who may have potentially difficult insertions or removals.

We also offer emergency contraception including two types of 'morning after' tablets (Levonelle and ellOne) and copper intrauterine devices.

All clinics offer advice on other methods of contraception including intrauterine devices (coils) and implants and how and where to obtain them. If you know that you would definitely like a coil or implant, or if you would like a smear test or to see one of our specialist doctors regarding issues such as menopause, then it is preferable to book an appointment by phoning: 01206 74 5371/5372/5373

Contraception Services - clinic locations and times:

Please note: there is no longer any service provided at Essex County Hospital.

66 High Street
Colchester, Essex, CO1 1DN

01206 745371
01206 745372
01206 745373
Mon 12noon-2pm (Drop in clinic)
Mon 6pm-8pm (Drop in clinic)
Tue 3pm-5pm (Drop in clinic)
Wed 3pm-5pm (Drop in clinic)
Thu 3pm-5pm (Drop in clinic)
Fri 3pm-5pm (Drop in clinic)
Sat 10.30am-12.30pm (Drop in clinic)

Mon 9am-1pm (Specialist Clinic)
Mon 4.30pm-6.30pm (Specialist Clinic)
Tue 4.30pm-6.30pm (Specialist Clinic)
Clacton Clinic
Clacton and District Hospital
Tower Road
Clacton on Sea CO15 1LH
01255 201678 (during clinic times only)
Monday 5.30pm-7pm
Wednesday 6pm-8pm
Monkwick Clinic
Queen Elizabeth Way
Colchester CO2 8LT
01206 747100 (during clinic times only)
Tuesday 1st & 3rd each month 6pm-8pm
Dovercourt Clinic
Podiatry Unit
Fryatt Hospital
Harwich CO12 4EX
01255 201216 (during clinic times only)
Tuesday 2nd & 4th each month 4.30pm-7pm
Halstead Clinic
Halstead Hospital
78 Hedingham Road
Halstead CO9 2DL
01787 273136 (during clinic times only)
Friday 1st & 3rd each month 2pm-6pm
Greenstead Clinic
St Edmund's Centre
Tamarisk Way
Colchester CO4 3GW
01206 747800 (during clinic times only)
Thursday 4.30pm-6.30pm
Green Elms Medical Centre
32 Crossways
Clacton on Sea CO15 2NB
01255 207660 (during clinic times only)
Thursday 1pm-3pm

Sexual Health Services

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All Sexual Health clinics offer advice, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections and related conditions.

They also offer emergency contraception, pregnancy testing, termination referral, male and female condoms, cervical smear tests and a specialist service for Human Immuno Deficiency (HIV) infection and Genital Dermatology (skin conditions). Please call us if you need any advice or wish to book an appointment 01206 74 5371/5372/5373

Sexual Health Services - clinic locations and times:

Please note: there is no longer any service provided at Essex County Hospital.

66 High Street
Colchester, Essex, CO1 1DN
01206 74 5371/5372/5373
MondayDrop-in Clinic: 8.30am-11.30amAppointments: 12noon-1pm, 2pm-7.30pm
TuesdayAppointments: 9am-7.30pm
WednesdayDrop-in Clinic: 8.30am-11.30am
ThursdayDrop-in Clinic: 2pm-4.30pmAppointments: 9am-1pm, 6pm-7.30pm
FridayDrop-in Clinic: 8.30am-11.30 am
SaturdayAppointments 9am-1pm
Clacton and District Hospital
Tower Road, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO15 1LH
01255 201698 (during clinic times only)
MondayDrop-in Clinic: 2pm-5.30pm
Halstead Hospital
78 Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2DL
01787 273136 (during clinic times only)
FridayDrop-in Clinic: 2pm-6pm
Fryatt Hospital Harwich
Podiatry Unit, Fryatt Hospital, Harwich CO12 4EX
01255 201216 (during clinic times only)
TuesdayDrop-in Clinic: 4.30pm-7pm
Green Elms Medical Centre
32 Crossways, Jaywick, Clacton on Sea, CO15 2NB
01255 207660 (during clinic times only)
ThursdayDrop-in Clinic: 1pm-3pm

Some frequently asked questions

I think I have a sexual health problem

Genitourinary medicine clinics deal with sexually transmitted infections and many other genital and sexual problems. These clinics are sometimes called 'GU clinics' for short.

Why go to a sexual health clinic?

Most people are worried about attending a clinic for the first time, but they usually find it totally fine. Staff at genitourinary medicine clinics are specially trained and experienced in genital problems. They also have a reputation for being kind, sympathetic and non-judgmental.

What healthcare specialists work there?

As well as doctors and nurses, sexual health clinics usually have special counsellors ('health advisors') who can help you with worries, and give you additional information you may need.

When will I get the results?

Sexual health clinics have facilities for doing tests for sexually transmitted infections. For some tests, they will be able to give you the results straight away, and the appropriate treatment.

What sort of problems can the clinic help with?

You can attend a sexual health clinic for tests if you think you might have a sexually transmitted infection, whether or not you have symptoms (such as a discharge). You can attend the clinic to be tested for HIV. The clinic could also help you if you think something is wrong with the shape or appearance of your genitals.

Do I need to see my GP first?

No, you don't need to be referred to our service by your GP as you can 'self-refer' to one of our clinics. You do not need a letter from your family doctor to attend a genitourinary medicine clinic - you simply phone the clinic and make an appointment.

Are they confidential?

Sexual health clinics are very confidential. They will ask if they can send the result of your tests to your family doctor, but if you decline, they will not do so. They only write to your Doctor if he/she has referred you.

Where are the sexual health clinics?

The Trust provides clinics at:

66 Hight Street, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1DN

Phone 01206 74 5371/5372/5373

I just want some advice over the phone

For sexual health advice or to speak to an advisor please phone 01206 74 5377 during clinic opening times.

To get an appointment to see a sexual health advisor

Please phone 01206 74 5377 at or just after 8.30am and we will offer you an appointment for the following day. When you telephone, ask for clear directions to find the clinic - genitourinary medicine clinics can be difficult to find.

Are there any websites you'd recommend?