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Inpatient Information

inpatient information booklet

The links on the left of this page show information for patients before you come into Colchester General Hospital, during your stay and after your discharge. More information will be given to you within the area in which you will be staying.

All staff at the Trust are committed to providing high quality care and making your stay as reassuring as possible. We sincerely hope your stay with us will be a positive experience.

You may find the number of departments and staff involved confusing but all of the staff you will make contact with should be wearing an identification badge.

There may be occasions when staff undergoing training could be present during your treatment. However, you should always be asked if this is acceptable and you are under no obligation to agree. We hope you will not find this intrusive.

If you have any concerns about this or any other aspects of your stay here, please talk to a member of our staff who will be pleased to help you.