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Clacton Maternity Unit

Updated 20 October 2017

Clacton Hospital is home to our midwife-led unit offering a home-from-home environment which is more relaxed than the busy obstetric unit.

At Clacton we offer a full range of midwife-led maternity services. Women and their families can expect care at Clacton from early pregnancy right through to after the baby is born. Antenatal appointments are available daily, including weekends and evenings and women can choose to either see their named midwife or their team of midwives for their care. We also have 7 outlying GP surgeries which provide a weekly midwife clinic.

In pregnancy we offer a range of free classes providing you with choice. We provide Hypnobirthing classes, Preparation for Labour workshops and Waterbirth workshops. We advise you call early to book your place. Breastfeeding workshops are also available, please ask.

Giving birth at the Clacton midwife-led unit has many benefits.

The unit is available to all women who are over 37 weeks pregnant and who have normal pregnancies. You should have no significant medical or pregnancy problems. There are no doctors based at Clacton Hospital and therefore should you require specific help from the obstetric team it would mean transferring to Colchester Obstetric Unit. If a transfer is necessary, the midwife caring for you in labour at Clacton travels with you to ensure a smooth transfer of care.

Once you and your new baby arrive home you will be visited frequently by a midwife until you are both discharged to the care of your Health Visitor, this is usually after 10 days.

Clacton midwife-led unit offers a range of facilities including:

For more information call Clacton Maternity Unit: 01255 201600