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Harwich Maternity Unit

Updated 4 October 2017

Harwich Hospital entrance

Although we stopped providing birthing services here in April 2017, all other maternity services, such as antenatal and postnatal care, continue to be offered.

Antenatal appointments are held here and clinics also take place at GP surgeries in the surrounding area.

You will have a named midwife who will meet you for your booking visit and a plan of care will be formulated for your pregnancy pathway.

We can offer preparation for labour workshops, hypnobirthing courses, support for breastfeeding, and various pain relief techniques including massage, relaxation and breathing, all by a team known to you.

Pregnant women are offered the choice of giving birth at Colchester General Hospital’s consultant-led unit or, for uncomplicated births, the choice of having a home birth or having their baby in midwife-led units at Clacton Hospital or Colchester General Hospital.

For more information, call Harwich Maternity Unit: 01255 201224 or 07554 228297