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HypnoBirthing at Colchester Hospital

HypnoBirthing is becoming increasingly popular as a method of birthing gently, calmly and in many instances without medication.


What is HypnoBirthing and how does it work?

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal programme focussing on a combination of education, self-hypnosis & deep relaxation to help achieve a more comfortable birth. HypnoBirthing gives parents all the tools they need to minimise the fear-tension-pain cycle, resulting in shorter, more comfortable births.

Who is it for?

From the confident to the apprehensive; from first-time mums to those who have experienced difficult previous births and caesarean births, Hypnobirthing is confidence-building, and teaches gentle birth techniques that can benefit just about anyone who is planning birth. Hypnobirth is for all births.

What does a Hypnobirth class involve?

Hear from some of our Hypnobirthers discussing the course and the impact it made on their birth in the video below.

Here at Colchester Hospital we have developed a comprehensive hypnobirth course taught by midwives who are hypnobirth practitioners. Our skills as clinicians coupled with specialist training in antenatal education, active birth and Hypnobirth provide a course that is second to none. Our course is unique in offering;

Our Results

Women who have experienced hypnobirth at Colchester tell us that they are experiencing shorter labours, need little if any analgesia and are experiencing higher percentages of natural births.

Here is what some of our parents who have attended the course have said:

"The techniques kept not just me but also my partner calm (which in turn made me calmer)." Claire W Colchester

"Not only did we feel prepared for every eventuality but the breathing techniques and the bond that Andy and I had established were what got me through a rushed labour." Nikki N Colchester

"We remain convinced that we are calmer as parents and have a calmer happier baby because we practiced the breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques before the day." Michael C Clacton-on-Sea

"I remain somewhat mystified that I had such a positive, natural, uncomplicated and pain free home birth due to my previous fears of birth. I already know I will do it all again in the future using the Hypnobirthing approach." Kristy P Braintree

"Teri was very good at tailoring the course content to our needs. The techniques made me feel more empowered and knowledgeable and made me more relaxed in the early stages." Gita B Ipswich

"My husband (who has a terrible fear of hospitals) also found the course incredibly helpful and empowering. Initially he feared he would not be able to be there with me during labour, but having done the course, he was the most supportive and encouraging and calm birth partner I could have hoped for." Claire B Colchester

"I am totally sure that HypnoBirth techniques made a huge difference to my birth experience. The techniques gave me the confidence to believe that my body was perfectly capable of birthing a baby and that it did not have to involve pain. The breathing exercises and relaxation scripts helped keep me calm and relaxed and I feel allowed my labour to progress quickly and naturally. In the later stages of my pregnancy I did not feel scared or anxious about the thought of labour, I just felt excited and happy to meet my baby so I would say the CD worked wonders! I also think that because the HypnoBirth techniques involved my partner in the birth it made it a special experience for both of us as he felt he could be of use." Vicki B Colchester

Mother and baby

You will learn:

Birth Partners will learn:

How much does it cost?

Hypnobirthing is not usually available free on the NHS. However we have worked hard at Colchester Hospital to secure funding to bring the course to you free of charge. Included in the course will be practice scripts and supporting hand outs. There is a supporting hypnobirth book and CD at a cost of £15.00 (optional)

You're Commitment

Hypnobirth requires practice. Please be aware there will be techniques to learn and practice in between classes. Demand for classes is high and there is usually a waiting list. Please make your enquiries early. You can book a hypnobirth course via your midwife.

Hypnobirth is a training program of 10 hours. This is either evenings (7pm-9.30pm) or weekends.

If you choose to hypnobirth you will not need one of our standard labour workshops or evening antenatal courses.

BEFORE you book hypnobirth

You can ask your midwife to book you places on a hypnobirth course. Please be aware that it is very popular, and places are limited.

You can download the hypnobirthing scripts for the course here

BEFORE you book, please consider the following;

Hypnobirth is a training program that requires practice. We will ask you and your birth partner to commit to practice sessions at home. These will include;

For the women
Surge breathing practice
Writing affirmations
Listening to the hypnosis relaxation daily to maximize post hypnotic suggestions
Optimal baby positioning

For the birth partner
Learning the breathing techniques to assist in labour
Using deepening techniques that we will show you in class
Using relaxation anchors
Using relaxation scripts
Understanding the importance of the birth environment and creating a calm birth room
Light touch massage and positions for upright birth

Please be prepared to do some work in between classes. Hypnobirth will only work with practice and commitment. If you feel you cannot commit to the work you may want to consider a standard antenatal class.