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Congratulations on your pregnancy

The maternity team at Colchester hospital look forward to sharing this exciting time with you. We realise there are many decisions to make during pregnancy and we are here to listen, offer information, choice and guidance.

pregnant mother

We know that your birth experience is extremely important. Research tells us that where possible a normal birth is best for both mother and baby. Babies born vaginally have a lower risk of respiratory problems. The contractions of labour help prepare the baby's lungs to breathe air.

There is evidence that the hormones involved in normal labour and birth (such as oxytocin and endorphins) play a key role by helping to initiate bonding with the baby. As the first hours following birth are so important in establishing the mother-baby relationship, having a normal birth can increase the likelihood of a successful breastfeeding experience.

A mother who has experienced a natural birth is usually able to become involved in family life within hours of the birth and can get back to normal daily life within just a few days.

When the birth has gone well mothers feel stronger, both physically and emotionally. There can be a wonderful sense of achievement. It is a very positive life-changing experience and a great start to motherhood. Women who have had a normal birth tend to have less post-natal pain and recover more quickly.

With this in mind we will encourage and support your choices for a normal birth.

Caesarean sections where clinically indicated are appropriate for some women. However where there is no clinical indication we would like to support you to achieve a normal birth.

We offer the following services: