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At the Trust we have matrons on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a concern about nursing care received, or are concerned about what you should do after being in hospital, please contact one of the matrons below.

Call a matron using the phone number by their photo below. If really urgent, bleep a matron by calling switchboard on 01206 747474. (From abroad, please phone +44 1206 747474.)

If less urgent, email a matron by clicking on their photo.

Go to the downloadable PDF diagrams page showing the areas each of the executive, clinical and associate directors is responsible for.

Go to the associate directors of nursing page.

Got something to say? - The Trust has a campaign to highlight how patients, relatives, carers or visitors can raise a concern within the Trust.


Tina Leppard Tina Leppard Matron for Cancer and Clinical Support

-Therapy Services
-Mary Barron Suite (chemotherapy) and Haematology Day Unit
-Palliative Care
-West Bergholt Ward

Call Switchboard
Tracy Beason Tracy Beason Delivery Suite Matron
-Juno Suite

01206 742738
Natasha Tuck Natasha Tuck Matron for Emergency Department and Urgent Care

01206 742730
Jane Murphy Jane Murphy Matron for Critical Care

-Elmstead Day Unit (Surgical)
-Pain Services

01206 742049
(Mobile via switchboard)
Darren Evans Darren Evans Matron for Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU)

01206 747474
(Mobile via switchboard)

Rossa Baker Rossa Baker Matron for Trauma & Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology

-Aldham Ward
-Copford Ward
-Fordham Ward
-Great Tey Ward
-Ophthalmology Unit (ECH)

01206 746468
or Bleep: 295
Lynda Kitching Lynda Kitching Matron for Planned Care (Inpatient wards)

-Brightlingsea Ward
-Elective Care Centre
-Mersea Ward
-Surgical Assessment Unit (SAU)
-Wivenhoe Ward

Outpatients Department at:
-Colchester General
-Essex County

01206 746257
or Bleep: 918
Gail Jenkins Gail Jenkins Matron for Children's Services
-Children's A&E
-Children's Assessment Unit (CAU)
-Children's Elective Care Unit (CECU)
-Children's Outpatients
-Children's Ward
-Children's Community Nursing Team (CCNT)
-Neonatal Unit

01206 745927
or Bleep: 953
Paula Lightfoot Paula Lightfoot Matron for General Medicine

-Cardiac Cath Lab
-Acute Cardiac Unit (formerly Dedham Ward)
-Easthorpe Ward
-Langham Ward
-Layer Marney Ward

01206 746037
or Bleep: 279
Donna Traynor Donna Traynor Matron Specialist Medicine, Care of the Elderly and Stroke Unit

-Birch Ward
-D'Arcy Ward
-Peldon Ward
-Stroke Unit
-Tiptree Ward

01206 746037
or Bleep: 815

Julie Hinchcliffe Julie Hinchcliffe Matron for Maternity and Gynaecology Services

01206 742651
Bleep: (via switchboard)
Jenny Collins Jenny Collins Head of Midwifery

-Supervisor of Midwives

Bleep: (via switchboard)
Sally Smith Sally Smith Matron for Endoscopy and Renal Services
-Elmstead Endoscopy
-Renal Unit

01206 745987
Bleep: (via switchboard)
Nicki Baker Nicki Baker
Matron for Service Management - General Surgery
-Brightlingsea Ward
-Mersea Ward
-Wivenhoe Ward

01206 746258
Ian Craddock Ian Craddock
Site Matron

Bleep: 333

Lauren Sherwood Lauren Sherwood Site Matron

Bleep: 333
Celia Alexander Celia Alexander Site Matron

Bleep: 333
Ingrid Shipley Ingrid Shipley Site Matron

Bleep: 333
Elizabeth O'Brien Elizabeth O'Brien Site Matron

Bleep: 333
Laura Evans Laura Evans Site Matron

Bleep: 333

Donna Booton Donna Booton Quality Assurance and Compliance Matron

07507 861330
Jill Carnell Jill Carnell Matron for Children's Community Nursing Team / Clinical Nurse Specialists
-Children's Community Nursing Team (CCNT)
-Children's Clinical Nurse Specialists

01206 286585