Medical Physics Department

Welcome to the Medical Physics Department of Colchester Hospital

Medical Physics

The department started in the 1950's from Essex County Hospital with a few physicists.

Today the department provides scientific, technical and regulatory support both to our own Trust and to other clinical users within the NHS and private sectors with whom we have contracts.

The main sections of the department are:

  • Radiation Protection
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics
  • Radiotherapy Physics

Department Philosophy

It's up to us

The Medical Physics Department ensures that all members of staff are suitably trained, hold a professional registration and participate in a Continous Professional Development programme.

At Our Best

The Medical Physics department follows the Trusts "At Our Best" programme, aiming to deliver the best patient experience.

The programme includes behaviour standards and values.

Our promises:

  • Be welcoming
  • Be kind
  • Be involving
  • Be responsive
  • Be professional
  • Be the difference

Quality Policy

Quality Management

The Medical Physics team is committed to complying with the requirements of the departments quality management system and embedding this into the culture of the department.

The department has a BSI Quality Management System certification under ISO 9001:2008

Nuclear Medicine Physics

Coming Soon!!

Radiation Protection

Safety First

The Radiation protection section of the Medical Physics department provides advice on the installation and safe use of x-ray equipment, laser, UV and Blue-light devices and on the hazards of working with radioactive substances.

We also provide radiation protection training and updates for staff working with ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Section aim

The Section aims to ensure the safety of all patients, visitors and staff who come into contact with radiation generators (e.g. X-ray equipment and linear accelerators), sealed or unsealed sources of ionising radiation (e.g. gamma and beta) and non-ionising radiation (lasers and ultraviolet).

Radiation Protection policy

Here is the Radiation Protection Policy of the Trust

Laser Protection Policy

Here is the Laser Protection Policy of the Trust

Who we are

Adrian Porter - Head of Radiation Protection RPA & LPA

Telephone: 01206 744503

Mandy Moreton - Principal Physicist RPA & RWA

Telephone: 01206 744463

Manthos Koutalonis - Clinical Scientist (Diagnostic Radiology & Radiation Protection)

Telephone: 01206 744580

Ed Hogbin - Senior Clinical Technologist

Telephone: 01206 744579

What we do

The Radiation Protection section provides support to our own Trust and to other clinical users within the NHS and private sectors with whom we have contracts. Examples of our work are:

  • RPA and MPE advice
  • Critical Examination and Commissioning and Quality Assurance of x-ray and non-ionising equipment
  • Radiation Protection training
  • Staff dosimetry

Training Seminars and Courses

Dental Radiation Protection Course.

Training Material

Personal dosimetry training

Radiotherapy Physics

Coming Soon!!