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Members' Page

Updated 28 September 2016

Welcome to the page dedicated to members of the NHS hospitals in north east Essex, run by Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Trust has two types of members: 'Public' and 'Staff' - see below.

Here are 10 things to do now I'm a member!

We publish a digital magazine called Mainstream. You can read it monthly here.

We provide a Membership helpline

We also invite you to send a question in for us to answer.

Not a member yet?

We encourage you, your family and friends to become a member too and join the growing number of people across Essex and Suffolk who care about their NHS hospitals.

Patients, the public, friends or family of existing members should click this link to become a member!

Public members are people who live in Essex or Suffolk and have signed up to become a member. We have about 7,000 Public members.

Staff members are automatically registered when they join the Trust and include any employee (with a 12 month or more contract) of our NHS Foundation Trust. But 'Staff' also includes volunteers at the hospitals too. We have about 4,200 Staff members. Check if you are a staff member by emailing with your full name and postcode.