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The Colposcopy Service


Colposcopy is a simple examination that allows the doctor or nurse to look carefully at the cervix (neck of the womb) with an instrument that has a bright light and acts like a magnifying glass. The majority of women that we see in the department are referred because of an abnormal smear, but some attend with problems such as bleeding after intercourse or because their cervix looks unusual.

We look after 1000 new patients per year and about the same number of women returning for follow up appointments, which makes us one of the busiest clinics in the Eastern region.

The colposcopy clinics are run by doctors and the colposcopy sister runs the smear clinics. We recognise that attending the colposcopy clinic can be a very anxious time. There is always a nurse who stays with the woman during her examination to reassure her and hold her hand if she wishes. Patients are also encouraged to bring a friend or relative with them if they wish.

Clinic times

Colchester General Hospital
Clinics on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons and Thursday afternoons.
Smear clinics on Monday afternoons and Friday mornings.

Clacton Hospital
Clinic on Thursday afternoons.
Smear clinic on Wednesday afternoons.

Harwich Hospital
Clinic on Monday mornings.
Smear clinic on Monday afternoons.

All morning clinic times are: 9am - 12 (midday).
All afternoon clinic times are: 2pm - 4:30 pm.

Contact details and appointments

Please contact the Colposcopy Co-ordinator to arrange or change appointments. She is a point of contact for any further information. There is an answer phone out of hours, where a message can be left.

The Colposcopy Co-ordinator
Constable Wing
Colchester General Hospital
Turner Road
Telephone 01206 742480
Fax 01206 742050

National leaflets about cervical smears and colposcopy

cervical screening leaflet

Cervical Screening - The Facts
This leaflet explains how a smear test is taken and what information it gives

smear test leaflet Having a Smear Test

This leaflet is specially designed for women with learning difficulties

abnormal result leaflet What Your Abnormal Results Mean

This leaflet explains the types of smear abnormalities

colposcopy exam leaflet The Colposcopy Examination

This leaflet explains the colposcopy examination


All the doctors who work in the colposcopy department have received special training to become registered with the British Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology
This certification, which is renewed every three years, requires them to see a minimum of 50 new patients per year and to keep up to date. They work to a set of national guidelines devised by the NHS cervical screening programme.

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