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Gynaecology Services - Oncology

This Department forms part of the "Mid Anglia Gynaecological Oncology Group" and is a gynaecological oncology unit. It provides the full range of gynaecological oncology diagnostic procedures and fully (100%) complies with the Government "two week wait" rule.

Some gynaecological oncology surgery takes place at Colchester but more complex cases are referred to the Stour Centre at Ipswich Hospital.

All cases needing chemotherapy and radiotherapy are referred to the Essex County Hospital.


Lead Clinician and Gynaecology Surgeon 01206 742979
Gynaecology Surgeon 01206 742978
Gynaecology Oncology Nurse Specialist 01206 742065
MDT/Data Co-Ordinator 01206 742065

Multi Disciplinary Team meetings occur Thursday afternoons. Full attendance with other specialist teams (Macmillan, Hospice) occurs.