Acute Pain Service

Acute pain has been defined as 'Pain of recent onset and probable limited duration. It usually has an identifiable temporal and causal relationship to injury and disease'. In other words, it starts suddenly, we usually know what has caused the pain and we know how long it will last.

However, pain lasting beyond the expected time of healing is termed as 'chronic'.

The Acute pain team is part of the Pain Management Department and our aim is to provide optimal pain relief for inpatients at Colchester General hospital.

We provide specialist forms of pain relief e.g. Intravenous Patient Controlled Analgesia, Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia, various local nerve blocks to facilitate the speedy recovery of major surgical patients.

We provide specialist advice for management of difficult and complex acute pain problems including pain management advice during pregnancy and provide advice on appropriate drugs to be used for different types of pain.

We deliver education and training throughout the Trust to all staff involved in managing patients' pain in an effort to provide an excellent pain service for patients on our wards.

We participate within the wider multidisciplinary teams including surgical teams and physiotherapists.

If you are planning/waiting to have major surgery and need more information on pain management after your surgery, please ask your nurse during preoperative assessment. He/she will provide you with the information leaflet and arrange for an acute pain nurse to see you if required.