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Can we communicate with you more effectively?

Accessible Information Standard overview

In line with the Accessible Information Standard, please let us know if we can communicate with you more effectively. Contact our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS).

We will make every effort to ensure you receive the very best treatment, care and attention.

We hope this section will help put you at ease and explain what will happen to you during your stay in our hospitals.

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We have also put together a booklet for all inpatients. Click the image to open, download or print it.

inpatient information booklet

PDF icon Inpatient information booklet.

Please ask!

The information we provide comes in several ways - general information about the hospital, what to bring, what to expect, how to find us; and information about the department, clinic or ward you will be visiting.

Patients are encouraged to talk to staff about any concerns they have regarding their care. Each ward has a ward sister (female) or a charge nurse (male) and a deputy who are happy to deal with any issues regarding patient care. If you have a concern about nursing care received or are concerned about what you should do after being in hospital please contact one of the matrons who are on duty 24-hours-a-day to help patients and relatives.

If the information you seek is not on these pages or in the booklet, please call the clinic or department using the contact details on the appointment letter you were sent.

If you have questions about anything that is not included here, please contact our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) office (see below), as there are other sources of information available.