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Products Available From Our Pharmacy Support Unit

Highly rated by the MHRA, your local Pharmacy Support Unit has an excellent record of delivering high quality, safe pharmacy services and products. We would like to introduce you to a number of our products that may be of interest to you and your practice.

The PSU includes on-site Aseptics and Non-Sterile manufacturing departments. All products are made according to the Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines under our MHRA Manufacturing license and are quality assured by our own in house team.

New Products Now Available

St Marks Electrolyte Solution Kits

We have developed a St Marks Solution kit that is available for customers to order now. The kit comprises two electrolyte solutions, designed to be added to drinking water, taken as directed and discarded when finished. This kit offers patients a safer and more controlled way of self-administering electrolytes and is an excellent option for patients recovering from, for example, bowel surgery or other types of fistula episode. Our solutions contain sodium citrate, sodium chloride and glucose, and are available for £35 per kit (excluding VAT and carriage). If you would like to find out more about the kit or place an order, please do get in touch.

Methotrexate: Batch - Produced

If the licensed methotrexate injectable products are unable to meet your needs, we have developed a production method for methotrexate injections that allows for batch production, leading to a significant reduction in cost. This has helped us to pass on the savings to our customers in reduced prices. The quality of the product remains the same, and it can still be produced according to your patient's specific needs, it's just that the method we are using in some cases can result in a lower price for you. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Our Range of Products

Our team aseptically prepares pharmaceuticals for external customers in a range of circumstances and we use state-of-the-art isolator equipment for handling radiopharmaceuticals, intravenous medicines and chemotherapy IV treatments. For example, they can make any injectable where there is a need for assured sterility using the isolators, or where ward preparation of the injection poses a risk either to the staff preparing it or to the product itself.

Some products are cytotoxic or hazardous drugs, drugs where large volumes are required, drugs where lots of vials are required or drugs for patients who are immuno-compromised and aseptic preparation improves safety for the patient. Our non-sterile preparative services team offer a wide range of products including extemporaneous named patient items, repacked and over-labelled items.

We also partake in a range of clinical trials.

Our range of products encompasses more than traditional pharmaceuticals. For example, we prepare smell tests including clove oil, lemon spirit, peppermint and ammonia, used to assess decreased chemosensation.

All our products are labelled according to best practice as set out by the MHRA, and in line with your requirements. If you want to find out more about what this involves you can visit the MHRA site.