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Colchester Hospital Pharmacy Department Terms and Conditions for Purchase of Products

1. Context

  1.1. The NHS Standard terms and conditions for the purchase of goods (September 2010) will apply to any orders for products from Colchester Hospital Pharmacy Supplier ('the Supplier'). The terms and conditions outlined here describe anything additional or ancillary to those terms and conditions that are applicable to purchase of pharmaceutical and related products from the Supplier.

  1.2. Where a customer agrees an alternative contractual agreement with the Supplier for the purchase of pharmaceutical and related products that agreement may expressly take precedence over the terms and conditions in this document.

2. Ordering your products

  2.1. Orders are accepted from customers using their usual ordering processes as follows:

    2.1.1. E-mail:

    2.1.2. Fax: 01206 841249

    2.1.3. Telephone: 01206 742007 (although customers may be asked to follow this with a written order)

  2.2. Customers already established with the PSU will be able to use the customer order form.

  2.3. Orders should, wherever possible, include an official order number.

  2.4. All new customers are subjected to checks by the Supplier to confirm their bone fide status. A new customer must provide their first order on headed paper or plain paper with a company stamp and confirm an out-of-hours telephone contact number. The Supplier will then check the bona fide status of the customer following standard operating procedures. The Supplier reserves the right to refuse to supply any customer for whom bona fide status cannot be confirmed according to its own internal operating procedures.

  2.5. A pharmacist, doctor, dentist or vet must sign any requisition for aseptically prepared or controlled drug products and supply their registration number. In each instance of ordering a controlled drug the customers Home Office license or equivalent will be required as evidence that the supply can be made lawfully. Subsequent orders for aseptically prepared products or controlled drugs may require a supply contract to be developed where the requirements for supply are different to those offered within these terms and conditions, or where recommended by legal or regulatory guidelines.

3. New products and products not usually stocked or manufactured

  3.1. If a product can be supplied through the wholesaler license as a stock item CHUFT will fill an order in the usual way within the usual time frames as far as possible. These products can be ordered through the usual ordering process.

  3.2. To order a new manufactured item a new product request form will be required, as follows:

    3.2.1. For a new over-labelled or repacked item

    3.2.2. For a new manufactured or extemporaneously prepared item

    3.2.3. For a new aseptically prepared product

  3.3. New product request forms will usually be acknowledged within 3 working days from receipt and a specification developed in liaison with the customer. By signing the product specification form the customer confirms their intention to purchase the product specified within it. Where any order for this product is not subsequently received the Supplier reserves the right to levy an administration fee to the customer in recognition of the set-up costs and preparation already undertaken in developing this specification. This fee will be issued at £30 per specification, plus the price of any raw materials that have been purchased where reasonable for non-sterile or wholesale products, or at the full product priced for aseptically prepared products.

  3.4. Any delays in the Supplier fulfilling the order will be communicated to the customer. The customer is invited to contact the Supplier to review the progress of any order during working hours.

  3.5. The minimum order value is £5.00 across one calendar month. If a customer orders products to a value less than £5.00 across a month the difference will be added to the invoice to make up the value to £5.00.

4. Urgent orders

  4.1. If stored goods are required on an urgent basis (within 48 hours) any order received before midday will be sent before close of business on the next working day wherever possible. A £30 administration charge will be levied for this service in addition to the value of the order. Any delivery arrangements or costs incurred in providing this service will be passed on to the customer in addition to the value of the order.

  4.2. In the event of an emergency (where stored goods are required the same day) the customer should telephone the Pharmacy Support Unit (PSU) and make the relevant arrangements for delivery or collection of the items. Where the PSU is able to provide the items required in time, the minimum additional charge for this will be £30, dependant on the complexity of the requirement. The cost incurred will be passed on accordingly in addition to the value of the order.

  4.3. Lead times for manufactured items will vary according to the nature of the product and this can be confirmed with you as part of the specification process. If a manufactured item is required urgently the customer will need to liaise with the Supplier in order to determine the relevant timescales and any additional costs that may be incurred.

5. Order Format

  5.1. All aseptically prepared named-patient products are made to order.

  5.2. Standing orders may be implemented for any non-aseptically prepared products or aseptically prepared products available in batches, under which a fixed quantity of products are dispatched at regular defined intervals.

6. Expiry dates

  6.1. All products are assigned an expiry date in accordance with available stability literature.

7. Batch Numbers

  7.1. Every product or batch of products manufactured will be provided with a unique identifying batch number.

8. Packaging and Transporting Your Products

  8.1. All consignments are fully checked before dispatch by the Supplier (with the exception of radiopharmacy - see below). Each order is packed separately. A delivery note is included with each order which states the customer name, order number (if applicable), quantity of each item and details of any 'to follow' items.

  8.2. All goods dispatched from the Supplier are packed in safe and secure containers and will meet their specific labelling, transportation regulations and storage requirements. Information displayed on the outer of each container includes:

    8.2.1. The customer name and address

    8.2.2. The customer order number (if applicable)

    8.2.3. The Store delivery note number

    8.2.4. The number of packs relating to the order (1 of 2, etc.)

    8.2.5. Any hazardous warning labelling

    8.2.6. Any storage labelling

  8.3. Containers will not usually weigh more than 10kg.

  8.4. When transporting refrigerated items, suitable transport arrangements will need to be agreed in advance. These will be based on the available stability data for the products being transported and any specific requirements that you have confirmed to us.

  8.5. Radiopharmacy products are packaged and supplied in compliance with current regulations relevant to these products and supply is by collection or specific pre-determined transport arrangements suitable for the nature of the product. Where radiopharmacy goods are required we will need to have a contractual arrangement with you that outlines the transport arrangements in detail.

  8.6. A reputable national carrier or other suitable transportation method will be used to deliver goods to each ordering customer, normally between 0900 - 1700 Monday to Friday unless otherwise specifically agreed.

  8.7. Customers are able to collect products directly from the PSU if preferred. Arrangements should be made directly with the PSU for any collections.

  8.8. Extemporaneously prepared products can be delivered to patients at their home where a suitable arrangement is in place to identify the delivery and invoicing arrangements, and where safe and reasonable to do so.

9. Receiving your products

  9.1. Customers can expect to receive products within the turnaround times displayed on our website with the following exceptions:

    9.1.1. Orders for existing products for delivery prior to a bank holiday period we will usually need 7 days notice in order to be able to ensure that we can get it to you in time.

10. Prices of products

  10.1. The Supplier will advertise prices for products from time to time. For any products without an advertised price, a price will be charged according to the Supplier pricing policy. Prices are based on the prices that paid for raw materials and stock items, and final prices will fluctuate up and down in line with those materials and products.

  10.2. Fixed prices can be made available to customers by agreement. The Supplier reserves the right to charge a higher price for fixed prices in order to avoid the risk of rising raw material and product prices.

11. Paying for your products

  11.1. Acceptable methods of payment are as follows:

    11.1.1. BACS is our preferred method of payment and the details can be made available to you on placing an order

    11.1.2. Cheques payable to Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. Please include your order reference

    11.1.3. Credit and Debit card payments are accepted. Please call 01206 742647 and have your card details available in order to use this payment method

  11.2. Customers will be invoiced for any orders made each month and payment is expected within 30 days. Where payment is not received the Supplier reserves the right cease to provide further products and/or services until payment is made. Any customer requiring invoices to be grouped other than by month will need to make prior arrangements with the department.

12. Product Recalls

  12.1. All product recalls will be handled in accordance with the Supplier's standard recall procedure.

  12.2. If the Supplier is informed by a wholesaler or manufacturer of a product recall the Supplier will contact customers in receipt of those products with the recall details. The customer will be responsible to liaise directly with the manufacturer to arrange for collection, replacement or credit of any recalled items.

  12.3. If the supplier initiates a product recall for an item any customers in receipt of that product will be contacted. The Supplier will arrange for the customer to have replacement stock or a credit note. For stock returns, the Supplier will issue returns documentation which must accompany the stock in order for it to be accepted by the Supplier.

  12.4. If any medicine has been used before a recall is initiated, a medical incident report will be initiated by the Supplier and investigated. Both Supplier and customer will be involved in the investigation and will be expected to share relevant information.

  12.5. Customers will notify the supplier of out-of-hours contact details in order to support effective product recalls. This number will only be used in the case of a recall. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure the Supplier has correct contact details at all times.

13. Waste

  13.1. The Supplier accepts no responsibility for handling waste in supplying any products to any customer.

14. Discrepancies and Disputes

  14.1. Where the customer disputes an item on an invoice and that dispute is valid and upheld the credit for that item will appear in the following invoice to the customer. Where the customer is unlikely to make another order during the following three (3) months a separate credit note can be supplied on request.

  14.2. The PSU will not usually accept returned products outside the following circumstances:

    14.2.1. Damaged, different or incorrect quantity of goods. When the delivery document is signed, it recognises receipt of the delivery. If on inspection there are either goods damaged or different or delivered in different quantities to those stated on the delivery note, the customer should notify the Supplier immediately, first by telephone and then by using the discrepancy form. After three working days from the point of receipt a discrepancy form for damaged or different goods will not be accepted. The Supplier will conduct an investigation and determine whether a return and/or refund is to be implemented.

    14.2.2. Refrigerated goods. The Supplier is unable to receive back any refrigerated stock. For these products only discrepancies that arise as a direct result of an act or omission made on the part of the Supplier will be accepted.

15. Operational Hours

  15.1. The Supplier operational hours for the purposes of these terms and conditions are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, with the exception of public and bank holidays.

16. Confidentiality

  16.1. All information held about supply of products is treated confidentially, including any price agreements, details relating to the organisation or staff and any special arrangements that we agree to implement for orders. The Supplier reserves the right to cease supply where that confidence is not maintained.

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