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Unlicensed Medicines or 'Specials'

We manufacture 'specials' in our MHRA licensed facility for situations where there are no licensed alternatives available that are suitable for a patient with a special need. For example, there may be licensed medicines available in the form of a tablet, but when a patient cannot ingest solid oral dosage forms we can make a solution for them to drink instead, or a patient may be intolerant or allergic to an ingredient of a medicine and need to have it made up without that ingredient in order to be able to take it. The requirement for a 'special' medicine can arise in a variety of circumstances depending on the individual needs of patients. The MHRA produce information to help prescribers, and you can find out more using the links below.

We dispense our 'specials' on-site and offer to deliver it straight to the patient at home, to their preferred community pharmacy, GP practice, or almost any other address that suits them, using Royal Mail services.

We offer high quality standardised manufacturing processes and can procure other items within the same service. This means that you can be assured of consistent quality assurance for the products you prescribe for your patient and competitive prices for all our specials manufactured on site. Whatever your patient needs, when you request a special from us you can be assured that they are getting a safe and effective product at a good price, delivered to them at an address that best suits them.

If you need a special or unlicensed medicine we would be pleased to help, just contact us.

Useful links if you want to find out more about specials:

MHRA Guidance Note 14 (Under Review)

NPC advice about safe prescribing of specials