Improving the care of patients with diabetes

Hypo Awareness Week

Caption:Diabetes dietitian Dina Khawnekar (left) and diabetes nurse Catherine Walsh are pictured this afternoon at the information stand.

3 October 2017

Colchester General Hospital is taking part in a national campaign to raise awareness of a complication usually associated with people who have diabetes.

To mark Hypo Awareness Week (2-8 October), diabetes health professionals are running an information stand about hypoglycaemia (also called a “hypo” or low blood sugar).

Diabetes nurse Emma Birbeck said colleagues from the North East Essex Diabetes Service are talking to health workers, visitors and patients and giving away information and branded merchandise.

“Hypoglycaemia is mainly an issue for people with diabetes, especially if they take insulin, and has the potential to affect many patients in Colchester General Hospital because about one out of six patients has diabetes,” she said.

“It can be potentially very serious, for example, resulting in seizures, and can even prove fatal so it’s important to take steps to minimise the risk of getting low blood sugar in the first place and treating it as soon as possible if it does develop.

“Since the first Hypo Awareness Week in 2012, the number of hypoglycaemic episodes in hospitals has fallen, but more can still be done to prevent them.”

The information stand is being staffed weekdays between 12noon and 2pm. It is located in the corridor outside the hospital canteen, which is on the first floor of the main building.