Health experts advise people to stay well and keep warm during cold snap

12 January 2017

Clinicians are reminding people across Colchester and Tendring about the importance of keeping warm this winter.

Their renewed message comes as forecasters warn of a dip in temperature tonight (12 January) and tomorrow morning.

Health experts are urging elderly and vulnerable people in particular to take extra steps to help protect their health as conditions become more wintery.

Clacton GP Dr Prashant Arora said: “Cold weather does increase the risk of people falling ill. There is also an increased risk of trips and falls, so we’re asking people to take extra care if they have to go out and about.

“I would urge people to keep warm, eat well and stay active. Other tips for keeping well include stocking up your medicine cabinet with over the counter medication to treat common illness and injuries.”

Those who need to take extra care include people who are aged 60 or over, individuals who struggle to afford to heat their homes adequately as well as those living with a long term condition such as heart disease.

Dr Arora added: “I would also encourage people who are in general good health to check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours, family and friends who may be at risk during the cold weather and to provide support to make sure they are safe and warm.”

Evidence shows that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It can also worsen respiratory conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma particularly with sudden temperature changes such as moving from indoors to outdoors.

For more information about staying well during cold weather, please visit NHS Choices ( or speak to your local pharmacist.