New CEO gives "Heartfelt apology"

15 July 2016

The new Chief Executive of Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust today (Fri) issued a "heartfelt apology" to the people of north east Essex following publication of another damning CQC report.

Nick Hulme was commenting on a report about a CQC inspection of Colchester General Hospital that took place in April, before the Trust changed its leadership.

Mr Hulme said: "We need to take a long hard look at ourselves in the mirror. We are not consistently delivering a high quality of care to the people we serve in a timely and efficient manner.

"People in north east Essex deserve better from their local hospital trust and I want to give them a heartfelt apology.

"Everyone at the Trust - including myself - needs to ask themselves what they are going to do different today to improve the care we provide.

"Members of staff need to be held to account and to reflect what they can do as individuals and in their teams to make this hospital better for patients. Put simply, we have not been good enough and need to do better."

Trust Chair David White, who, like Mr Hulme, joined the Trust in May, said: "This report for me is a watershed.

"I want it to be the point where we draw a line under the unacceptable levels of care being provided for local people, as shown by the CQC inspections over several years. I know that we can, and will, do so much better in the future. The Board's pledge is to make sure this happens."

The Colchester trust has been in special measures since November 2013 and has had an overall CQC rating of "Inadequate" since January 2015.

Mr Hulme said he was going to focus the organisation to make it truly patient-centred - "Every patient, every day" - not just those patients being cared for today but people on the list waiting to come into hospital.

The approach would be about doing the basics right, with the priority areas for improvement being end of life care, deteriorating patients and governance.

Improvements are already being taken to address some of the failures identified in the latest CQC inspection report, he added.

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