"Knitting Nannas" make hospital visit


15 December 2017

About 40 "knitting nannas" met some of the newborn babies that benefit from their handiwork, at our hospital.

The "nannas" were invited to an annual tea party that our midwives hold for them to say thank you for the knitted hats, clothes and blankets they provide.

Our visitors were also given a tour of the hospital’s maternity unit and told how services have changed over the years to include developments such as water births and hypnobirthing.

Teri Gavin-Jones, lead midwife for the midwife-led unit, the Juno Suite, revealed the knitters had made 4,000 hats in the past 12 months, as well as items of clothing and blankets.

“Since I started working here in 2002, we’ve always received beautifully made knitwear and crochet items, more so than ever before in the last few years,” she said.

“Invariably, they are made by ladies who often just pop into the hospital to drop off what they’ve made.

“Babies can potentially lose a lot of body heat through their heads which is why it’s important they wear a hat for the first good few hours after they’re born.”