Letter to the Gazette and EADT from Chief Executive

17 May 2017

Dear Editor,

I would like to publicly thank and give credit to all of our staff who have been working hard to recover our hospital systems after the cyber attack.

I would also like to thank our patients, their carers and their families for being so understanding and kind in their comments to staff, and by working with us in to the unprecedented situation we all found ourselves in.

Many staff came in at the weekend, when they should have been off-duty, and worked hard long into the night to get our IT systems - both clinical and non-clinical - back up and running, and although it has been a difficult and trying time, there is no evidence that patient data or safety has been compromised. I am proud that patient safety has, as always, been the first concern of our staff.

Families of patients due to be discharged over the weekend from Colchester General Hospital worked with us to enable that to happen in a safe way, sometimes by inconveniencing themselves in the process. For that I am grateful and say thank you.

Colchester General remains open as usual for emergency care and all of our outpatient clinics are operating at all of our hospitals. I would like to apologise to the small number of elective, non-emergency patients who had their appointments postponed this week, but these will be rescheduled within 28 days.

It is times like these, in adverse situations, that make me realise why I am proud to be part of the Colchester team.

Nick Hulme
Chief Executive