Colchester performs strongly in national report

30 August 2017

Colchester General Hospital has performed strongly in a survey of NHS, private and independent healthcare settings, a national report shows.

When compared with acute and specialist hospitals in England, the hospital scored better than the national average in all of the six main categories.

The results of the 2017 Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environment (PLACE) have been published by NHS Digital.

Colchester General Hospital’s PLACE scores are listed below with the national average for acute and specialist hospitals in brackets:

Cleanliness99.29% (98.4%)
Food and hydration91.88% (89.5%)
Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing85.41% (82.4%)
Condition, Appearance and Maintenance96.62% (93.8%)
Dementia76.39% (75.5%)
Disability86.25% (81.5%)

As well as comparing favourably nationally, the hospital’s overall performance was better than last year’s.

Chris Howlett, Director of Estates and Facilities, said: “These are gratifying results which reflect very well on our staff, including non-clinical staff, such as cleaning and catering staff and estates colleagues who often do not receive the recognition they deserve.

“The results show the positive contribution that support staff make to patient care and the patient experience.”

PLACE assessments, which are made by teams of staff and members of the public, look at cleanliness, food and hydration, the extent to which the provision of care with privacy and dignity is supported and whether premises are equipped to meet the needs of people with dementia or with a disability.