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Your privacy and dignity

Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust has eliminated mixed-sex accommodation, except where it is in the best interest of the patient, or reflects their personal choice.

Mixed sex accommodation? Not on our wards

Our Trust promotes a culture where by patients are treated with professionalism, dignity and respect. The physical environment and the provision of single sex facilities are considered to be key factors in maximising patient dignity.

The Trust provides accommodation that complies with the Mixed Sex Accommodation Guidelines and NHS Single Sex standards. There is board level commitment for compliance with these standards.

The NHS standard is that, single sex accommodation will be provided in:

In addition, patients will not need to pass through opposite sex accommodation to access toilet and washing facilities, to access their own.

Also, they must not be placed in an environment where sensitive conversations may be overheard by members of the opposite sex.

We have a Single Sex Accommodation Policy (updated March 2017) to ensure compliance with privacy and dignity legislation.

Patients admitted to hospital are encouraged to talk to staff about any concerns they have regarding their care. There are Matrons on duty to assist patients and relatives on a 24 hour basis who can be contacted by the switchboard if required. Each ward has a Ward Sister and a Deputy Sister who are happy to deal with any issues regarding patient care.