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Publicity material and membership forms

You may want to download and print one of the forms below, all of which come with a Freepost address.

But it's easiest to register online for Membership!

Membership forms
Existing members and governors can use the material below for new and potential members. The 8-page membership leaflet and form explains what membership of our NHS Foundation Trust is all about.

If you just want a printable form, there is an A4 size form.

Meanwhile, the easy to print, A4 size, Refer a Friend sheet has separate forms which can be completed by up to four new members.

Older material

You might be interested in the following material.

In October 2009 we issued a new membership form in an 8-page leaflet.

In October 2008 we issued a new set of posters for the "We care, do you?" campaign:

You might be interested in the 2007 set of posters and 2007 advert.although these have the 'Essex Rivers' logo on.

General guides A short guide to Foundation Trusts and
Foundation Trusts - the story so far

Here is some material from the consultation period (pre-FT)
Patients & Public Q&A sheet from 2007 and the Staff Q&A sheet from 2007.