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'Refer a friend' for membership

We need people to register as members. The more members we have registered, the more representative our Members Council will be.

Staff should not register to be members as they automatically become members. But they can encourage their friends and families to become members.

In May 2010, we updated the easy to print, A4 size, "Refer a Friend" sheet. On it are four forms which can be completed by up to four potential members. Refer a Friend cut out and give away sheet for you to print off and give to your friends and families to complete.

So if you haven't already, please register to become a member. Secondly, maybe you have a friend or colleague, or someone in your family who lives in north east Essex. Why not 'refer a friend' by emailing them our website address or by phoning our FT office on 01206 742733 during office hours or by asking them to email