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Why choose us as a Patient

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In March 2011, to aid promoting its vision, the Trust started a programme called At Our Best to inspire, support and develop all staff to consistently deliver the very best patient experience.

But it isn't just a programme about patients. It is also one that wants to inspire staff and to listen to their concerns.

For most medical conditions, you can now choose where and when to have your treatment. If you and your GP (General Practitioner or 'family doctor') decide that you need to see a specialist for more treatment, you can now choose where and when to have your treatment from a list of hospitals or clinics.

At our Trust, our staff understand that every patient matters individually, that patients expect our hospital to be clean and safe and that we will employ the best in clinical skills to treat your condition.

Our commitment to staff development and the use of latest technologies means that we provide truly 21st century care.

You will find our hospital easily accessible by yourself and your family. Our waiting times are shorter than they have ever been despite high demand for our services. And we have an excellent reputation.

This section explains more about choosing your hospital and why you should choose to come to one of the hospitals run by Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust.